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I don’t know if you’re planning on painting your home any time soon but if you are, this info will come in handy…

Before you hire the first “student painter” who comes along, here are…

6 Tips for Choosing The Right House Painter

Tip #1: Get three detailed written estimates. [Click] Don’t settle for a price without knowing what’s included. The estimate should indicate areas to be painted, sanding/scraping, repairs, taping, type of paint, cleanup, time involved, etc.

Tip #2: Ask about the Crew. [Click] Find out how many people will be working. This gives you an idea how long the job will take (if there’s only one painter and you live in a big house, the job could last all summer!). Make sure the same people who start the job will finish it, to ensure quality control.

Tip #3: Discuss the paint. [Click] Paint can be cheap or expensive. Since you don’t want to be painting frequently, make sure you get good quality. Compare the price the contractor offers with how much it would cost if you bought the paint yourself.

Tip #4: Specify level of clean-up. [Click] Make it clear that you expect all tape to be removed, landscaping put back in order, garbage taken away, etc.

Tip #5: Ask about follow-up. [Click] A good painter should be willing to come back a week later to do touch-ups and deal with any concerns.

Tip #6: Check their track record. Ask to see some unedited customer reviews. If you’re still not 100% confident, go visit a few of their finished jobs. The proof is in the pudding!

So there you have it. I’ve just given you six important tips that can save you a whole whack of time, energy, money and stress when it comes to painting your home. Now the rest is up to you!

If you’d like a recommendation on a top-notch, professional painter (with affordable prices) who can give you a free estimate on painting your home, Call us today!

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