Does it Make Sense To Refinance?


It may be tempting to look at today’s relatively low mortgage rates and consider refinancing to get a better rate.

Certainly, if your existing rate is significantly higher than today’s rates, this might make economic sense.


Your Mortgage Shouldn’t Come with Handcuffs


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Reverse Mortgages Powell River


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When Things Don’t Go as Planned…


OK, today we’re going to talk about an unfortunate but common challenge that many homeowners face…

You see, when you and your partner get together and jointly buy a house, it’s only natural to assume everything will be “happily ever after”.

But the sad truth is many relationships eventually end in separation, and that can have a dramatic impact on your mortgage.

Here are some potential scenarios to consider…

Mortgage Insurance vs. Term Life


When you buy a home, you’ll probably be asked if you’d like mortgage insurance.

But if you already have life insurance, do you really need mortgage insurance too?

7 Homebuyer Tips


Purchasing a house is a big step.

Here are 7 Factors for Choosing the Right Home at the Right Price…

Protect Yourself from Mortgage Letdown


Are you self employed and can’t prove income? Do you have lots of questions about mortgages and you need answers? Is your credit less than perfect and you need advice on how to get it back on track? Or are you just too busy to make an appointment with your bank? If this sounds familiar then why not give us a call and protect yourself from mortgage letdown. Get Invis working for you.

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Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages

If this doesn’t apply to you, perhaps you know someone over 60 who might find it helpful…
A reverse mortgage lets you turn your home’s equity into cash without having to move or make monthly payments. It’s designed for homeowners 60 and over who want to “spend down” their home equity.

If you or someone you know is in this situation and needs extra cash flow, here are some things to consider before choosing a reverse mortgage…

If you simply want money for a vacation or new car, a reverse mortgage is an expensive way to get it. And if you want the money for investments, keep in mind that the cost of the loan is likely more than you could safely earn.

Because the interest rate is high and the amount you owe grows every month, the younger you are when you take out a reverse mortgage, the more your equity will be eaten away by the time you’re ready to move.

As your mortgage professional, chances are we can tailor a home equity loan or line of credit to meet your needs in a more cost-effective manner than a reverse mortgage. We can offer a lower interest rate and we can set the monthly payments low enough to ensure you’re still getting all the cash flow you need.

Mortgage Tips

Know Your Lenders and What Type of Service Each Can Provide

While one lender may advertise a more attractive interest rate, you may find that they do not offer the program you seek. An easy example is the choice between using a bank or direct lender versus direct remortgage brokers. A bank may have fewer choices and lower rates, but the process could be lengthier and more bureaucratic. A broker may have access to a wider range of programs with the flexibility you need, but it may cost you more, since the broker and the lender are both looking to make money on your deal. Choose what resonates with you.

Check into Your Potential Lender’s Customer Service Practices
During the remortgage process, you may get little to no insight regarding what your new lender will be like. You could be in for some surprises down the road. Some lenders are notorious for poor customer service and mortgage account errors.

Thankfully, you can obtain a glimpse of what the customer service experience may be like with your new lender ahead of time. Talk to friends and family about their experience. Go online and investigate their website and read reviews.

Narrow Your Loan Program Preference Before You Go Remortgage Shopping

Of course, you can still be open to the suggestions of your mortgage adviser, but you can avoid being overwhelmed by so much new information. You will also have a basis for comparison and will be able to ask better questions.

Use common sense. If an offer sounds like it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Do not succumb to high-pressure situations. Whether you’re looking for a loan or you’re at the purchase stage, beware of any “last chance” or “buy immediately” campaigns.

Consider the source. Mail advertisements and spam are not reliable sources for mortgage loans, debt consolidation, or anything else of that nature.

No stranger will offer to save you from foreclosure or offer you a zero-down loan out of the blue.

Never sign anything you don’t understand and never sign anything with blank sections yet to be filled in. Your best bet is to have qualified professionals on your side, looking things over.

Do your research before you make an offer. Familiarize yourself with the prices in the neighborhood as well as the title history of any given property. If the home has been sold multiple times in a short period of time, especially recently, chances are the house has been flipped, which artificially inflates its value.

Examine the accuracy of statements of actual financial value, comparable sales, etc.

Ask friends, family, co-workers and other trustworthy people with recent experience if they can recommend or refer you to mortgage/real estate professionals. Individuals in the industry will have tools and information that will help you with everything from loan modifications to restructuring.

Obtain financial education before embarking upon your home-buying adventure.

Tell the truth. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into making any false statements, especially those detailing your income, your employment, or your down payment.

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