The Joy of Less


It’s true: less really is more! By accumulating more and more “stuff”, we often unwittingly clog up our life with more and more debt, stress and busyness.

Yuck. That’s no fun.

Here are 10 tips for unleashing the joy of less in your life…

Buying a Fixer Upper? Here’s How to Fund the Reno


With house prices still rising, sometimes the only home you can afford is a fixer upper.

If you’ve been considering buying a place than needs a little TLC…

Here’s the easiest way to get financing for your reno…

Reno Secrets

While bad debt is used to make a purchase that depreciates, good debt is used to make an investment that rises in value. In the case of renovations, bad debt would fund improvements that have no value to future buyers. Whereas good debt would add convenience and pleasure today, while increasing your home’s value tomorrow. By opting for good debt, the interest you pay on your equity loan can be more than covered by the increase in resale value. Improvements to kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor living space offer the highest return on investment.

Here are a few of things to keep in mind…

In general, the more recent the improvement, the higher the return on investment.

The most appealing kitchens have an open plan with island, and an efficient triangle between the refrigerator, stove and sink.

Adding a deck increases the apparent floor space of your home.

Make outdoor and indoor space blend seamlessly by using French doors and indoor-style light fixtures and furnishings.
By renovating strategically, your improvements can pay for themselves, plus create a healthy profit!
So there you have it. I’ve just given you a few strategic renovation tips for maximizing your home value. Now the rest is up to you!

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Reno contractor

We’ve all heard renovation horror stories. The best way to avoid them is to choose the right contractor.
With that in mind, here are…

Tips for Choosing the Right Renovation Contractor

1. Decide what kind of contractor you need.
a. A general contractor manages the project, hires the trades people and takes care of the permits. If it’s a smaller job, choose a specialized contractor who handles specific projects (like bathrooms or windows) and does the work himself.

2. Get at least three quotes.
a. Ask about experience, talk to past clients and visit past projects. Make sure each contractor has a license, liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and a clean Better Business Bureau record. Then ask for a detailed plan, including timeframe and cost.

3. Get everything in writing.
a. Include a list of materials and brands, labour to be performed (is site clean up included?), warranty, permit obligations, and how client changes will be handled.

4. Agree on a payment plan.
a. Include down payment amount (anything under 15% is reasonable). Work out a payment schedule and make sure payments sync with the work that’s been done (don’t pay half until it’s halfway complete).

5. Schedule a final walk-through.
a. Check off every detail. Make a list of things that still need to be done before making the final payment.

So there you have it. I’ve just given “5 Tips for Choosing the Right Renovation Contractor”. Now the rest is up to you!
For a detailed FREE report revealing secrets to Make Your Home Reno Pay For Itself – Even If You Have Less Than Perfect Credit”…

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Home Maintenance

MUST-DO Home Maintenance

1. Test your garage door opener monthly to ensure that it reverses when it hits an obstruction or when its sensor beam is interrupted.

2. Vacuum the clothes dryer’s exhaust duct at least once a year. If the duct is plastic, replace it (it’s a fire hazard). Rigid sheet-metal ducting is best.

3. Replace furnace filters quarterly, or as recommended by the furnace manufacturer.

4. Test all GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets monthly. Press the test button and use a voltage tester to make sure the power goes off.

5. Clean leaves and debris from the condenser of a central air conditioner seasonally.

6. Once a year, vacuum the refrigerator coils underneath the appliance.

7. Have the fireplace chimney inspected and cleaned annually.

8. Inspect window and door caulking and weather stripping yearly.

9. Replace the batteries in smoke detectors yearly. And remember, even recent hard-wired smoke detectors have backup batteries that must be replaced. If you have never checked yours, do so.

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