How to Feel Good Every Day


One thing we as human beings have in common is a desire to be happy, healthy and wealthy.

In other words, all people want to feel good and avoid feeling bad. Makes sense, right?

The problem is, most people don’t feel good.

According to a recent study, the rate of antidepressant use among teens and adults (people ages 12 and older) increased by almost 400% between 2005–2008.

We’re called Prozac Nation for a reason.

Here are 5 simple steps to feel good every day…

How to NOT Retire Broke


According to a recent survey, out of 100 people who start working at the age of 25, by the age 65:
1% Will be considered wealthy
4% Have adequate capital stowed away for retirement
3% Will still be working
63% Are dependant on the fed, friends, relatives or charity
29% Are dead

Sad but true. How about you? Have you ever wondered how much money you need to retire comfortably? Are you concerned about your financial future?

If so, I totally understand. It’s not your fault. You’ve probably heard a million opinions and got free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you’re more confused than ever.

That’s OK. Help is on the way.

With the right plan and the right advisors, you can position yourself, and your family, on the path to financial security.

Here’s how to do it…

Tax Advantages of Dividend Income


Are you planning on setting aside extra savings in the near future?

When you’re building savings for a long-term goal like retirement or education, keep in mind the tax implications of your investment.

If you’re earning bank interest, you pay income tax on that interest. But if you invest in stocks that pay a dividend, you can reduce taxes and keep more money for financial goals.

Here are the tax advantages of dividend income…

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