Ethical Investing

Your financial goals and social conscience don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With ethical investing, it’s possible to earn healthy returns without having a negative impact on others or the planet.

Ethical investing involves putting your money into funds or companies that meet the ethical and environmental standards you’re comfortable with.

However, just because your money is doing good work doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice profits.

During the two or three decades that socially responsible mutual funds have been available, they’ve averaged comparable or better performance than mainstream funds.

For instance, companies involved in green energy are currently considered to have huge growth potential.

The first step in ethical investing is deciding what’s important to you. Determine which industries you don’t want to invest in, whether that’s arms manufacturing, tobacco, child labour, gambling, etc.

Then decide which areas you do want to focus on. There are lots of ethical mutual funds on the market, and you can choose from funds that help promote human rights, the environment or social change.

Or if you’re already working with a financial advisor, ask about the practices of the companies in your current portfolio, and make sure your advisor understands your criteria for ethical investing.

This is just another reminder that we can profit and make a positive impact in the world at the same time.

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